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It is worth noting that the sector inspection plan is an important tool that aims to protect people’s privacy and personal data. Compliance with the rules and regulations governing the processing of personal data is very important in the era of digitization and the widespread use of mobile and Internet technologies.In the December entry, Katarzyna Ułasiuk-Delamare prepard an extensive summary of issues relatd to the protection of personal data in recruitment processes.

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Today I will expand the topic to which the last paragraph of this study is devotd, namely: deleting personal data in recruitment processes . The obligation to limit the processing of personal data results directly from the provisions database of the GDPR, Article 5 and Recital 39, excerpts of which read as follows: Article 5 par.“ Personal data must be: kept in a form that permits identification of the data subject for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the data are processd Recital 3 In order to prevent personal data from being stord for longer than necessary.


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The controller should set a time limit for erasure or periodic review. The topic seems prosaic, but it is not obvious to many organizations. Employees KHB Directory from outside the structures of units responsible for employee matters are involvd in recruitment processes  directors, managers, managers) and therefore should not be omittd in the data removal process. Data collection of job candidates Currently, employers have a number of possibilities in recruiting employees. Recruitment processes can be carrid out both by employd recruitment specialists within the company’s structure or outsourcd to external companies that professionally provide services relatd to the recruitment of candidates for work outsourcing.

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