How major news organizations do business

Sitting down to watch a 30-minute national news broadcast seems like an activity from another era. With the increased use of mobile How major news  devices, an increasing number of individuals are getting their information when and where they want to. Folks don’t necessarily have the time or the desire to go through every event of the day, and one major news organization is changing the way it reports to meet the needs of this segment.

According to a report from nativemobile, nbc has partnered with and invested in nowthis , a new york city-based startup that produces videos exclusively for mobile platforms. This partnership will enable nbc to create short  segments that will be posted to sites like vine, snapchat and instagram in addition to nowthis news’ mobile application.

The content production company will also have access

To nbc’s archives in exchange for the network having the rights to any of its current videos.

“We know that news consumption among younger audiences continues to grow, but in order to reach that audience, we need to continue to telephone biz How major  create video for the platforms they use most. Nowthis  does exactly that – delivering relevant news stories for the mobile and social platforms that resonate with this audience,” said patricia fili-krushel, chairman of the nbcuniversal news group, in a release, as reported by techcrunch.

Nbc has not disclosed the dollar amount that it invested in nowthis news, but nativemobile estimates that it has a 10 percent stake in the company.

The deal with nowthis  is just the latest in nbc's efforts

To become more competitive in the KHB Directory mobile sphere. Earlier this month, the media outlet announced partnerships with content providers recode and stringwire.

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