Important but often overlooked mobile email considerations

Most small business owners who are engaging in any sort of mobile marketing strategy know the importance of making emails readable on smartphones and tablets. There are other steps that marketers can take to connect with a potential customer and keep them more engaged with your business.

Create clickable phone numbers – you may have noticed in emails that have been sent to you that you can call a business simply by clicking Important but often  on a phone number in the message. It’s a lot easier than closing the program and then trying to remember all of the digits as you dial. When writing your phone number in a message, be sure to use dashes and periods between the sections. Avoid using parentheses around the area code, as some phones will not pick up on it.

Here's what you can do to improve your mobile emails

Give clear information about events – services like gmail can often figure out if a message is about an upcoming event. The program will then ask a user if they want to add this information to their personal calendar. Receiving a reminder a day or Important but often  two before your sale or promotion may bring them in to your business.
Link your address to maps – when telephone lists formatted correctly, an address in an email will link to a device’s map or location application. The email viewer will immediately be able to see how far away your business is from them. It’s possible that they’ll pay you a visit because of it.
By partnering with an internet marketing service like keymedia solutions, small businesses can better reach their audience and stay ahead of their competitors.

Lacking a call to action  this is an important consideration no matter

What advertising medium you choose. If a potential customer isn’t explicitly told to “Click here” or “Download now,” it’s not likely that they’ll do what you want them to do.
Not learning about your audience – in a KHB Directory rush to get an ad online, many small business owners don’t take the time to learn about the online Important but often  behavior of their target audience. There are many keyword research tools available that will provide you with information about the competition levels of particular terms.
Not measuring results – you can’t really determine whether or not a strategy is successful if you don’t have a system to measure your metrics. Many advertising platforms offer tracking tools. Use what you learn to adjust your campaigns in the future.

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