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Keep your copywriting In this post we will focus on strategies for driving new visitors to the site. We will deal with the second aspect later which is closely linke to the first). You will nee some small adjustments, but over time the effects will be very important and evident. Very often the companies that contact us say they have very few visits to the site. When we show them the statistics that say they actually receive visits a month, they can hardly believe it. Evidently this is not quality traffic and, in the case of quality traffic or even contacts deriving from the site, I am not able to trace its origin.

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If we think we can increase traffic to the site by every month for a year and we go back to the example of our client companies who start from a base wedding photo editing service of visitors to the site, within a year they will have more than users. That’s growth. Thinking month by month, however, it seems feasible, doesn’t it? It is, it really can be done. In truth, many clients get much more than , but let’s analyze the impact of a increase on Lead Generation. On average, a company website converts approximately of contacts into leads. Let’s do a quick calculation.

Without any measures

If your site receives visitors in a month, you will have approximately leads. Without any measures to improve the conversion rate, the site would naturally generate leads per month only after months of activity aime at increasing traffic. If the sales team could turn even of those leads into customers, you would have new customers a month. Small changes, we were saying, but big results. Here’s how to increase visits to your site by KHB Directory in the next days. There are main channels through which prospects can find you, to see that increase you nee, you will have to work on all four.

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