One in four companies have no mobile strategy

One in four companies Americans are adopting mobile technologies like smartphones and tablets at staggering rates. Over half of u.S. Adults own a smartphone and that figure is only expected to increase in the coming years. With such growth in this medium, it’s essential that businesses reach their target audience on the devices that they use the most.

Despite the growing importance of One in four companies  mobile technology, a new study has found that at least one-quarter of u.S. Businesses have no mobile strategy. Robert half technology, an it staffing firm, surveyed more than 2,300 chief information officers (cios) from a random sample of american businesses. Twenty-eight percent of these professionals said that their company was exclusively using a desktop-only strategy.

Among the industries represented in the survey

Healthcare services had the greatest percentage of respondents who said that their company has no mobile strategy. Business services and retail companies were more likely to use mobile solutions in some way.

“To maintain competitive advantage, sectors such as business services. And retail need to connect with customers anytime, anywhere, so it’s logical to One in four. Companies  see them leading the charge in implementing mobile strategies,” john reed, robert half’s senior. Executive director said in a press release. “As mobile device use continues telephone list to expand. Businesses will want to make it easy for customers and clients to connect with them via mobile platforms.

Reed acknowledged that compliance issues may have hindered the mobile progress of the healthcare industry, but consumer demand may force it to move more quickly.

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Other highlights from the study include

For the third consecutive year, mobile achieved triple-digit growth, rising to $7.1 billion in 2013
Online video advertising KHB Directory brought in $2.8 billion One in four companies  in 2013, up 19 percent in 2012 – making it the fourth-largest advertising format behind mobile
Retailers represent the largest category of online ad spending, followed by financial services and the auto industry.
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