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Due to the fact that very different personal data may appear in conversations, including even data of a special category, care should be taken to properly secure this area. The entrustment agreement will require, first of all, to specify the correct scope of entrusting the processing of personal data.The website owner, who is also the data controller, should precisely and in detail specify the categories of persons and categories of personal data to be entrustd to the provider.

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In addition, which is equally important, attention should be. Paid to the organizational and technical measures implementd by the Latest Mailing Database supplier to ensure. An adequate level of security of the entrustd personal data. For this reason, it is recommendd to carry out an initial verification of the supplier as an entity processing data on behalf of the controller. The simplest and most effective way of control may be to send a short survey with questions in the field of security and applid solutions in this area.

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The information obligation must be met with regard to contact persons and representatives acting on the other Party. It is usually attachd KHB Directory to the main contract. But it can also be an appendix to the entrustment contract. Considering the above, it should be clearly. Statd that if the chatbot provider receives access to personal data. The administrator of which is the owner of the website. An entrustment agreement should be signd with the provider pursuant to Art.

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