Productivity without increasing unemployment

We are now talking not only about a more complicate hiring process – employees will also have more opportunities to demand changes. According to analysts, the trends presente in the report are with us for longer – because the emerging gap between demand and supply on the labor market will not be easy to fill. According to the forecasts of the World Bank, the number of people of working age (between 15 and 65) will decrease in many countries over the next decade. What can we do about it? 1. Immigration. Attracting workers from abroad is an effective way to promote employment – ​​a national policy that allows immigrants quick access to employment expands recruitment opportunities.

Flexibility is also key to attracting

Even Japan known for its very strict immigration restrictions, has relaxe visa requirements for certain categories of workers. 2. Drawing attention to overlooke social groups. Most countries have laws prohibiting discrimination against people with disabilities, but employers can do more to accommodate these workers by adopting more flexible Whatsapp Mobile Number List working arrangements. and retaining older people and women who have to juggle work and than their male counterparts. Relate Courses: HUMAN RESOURCES HR Business Partner in practice  HR Business Partner at Volvo Group HUMAN RESOURCES HR director 1-Investing in productivity-enhancing technologies.

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Childcare responsibilities more often

The idea of ​​replacing workers with machines has been controversial for several decades. However, data show that technological progress can increase. In the US, for example, thanks to online bookings, ticketing and booking agents account for a KHB Directory much smaller proportion of airline employment than they did five decades ago, while the share of customer service workers in the industry has increase more than tenfold. 2. Remote work will stay with us for longer The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtely booste the remote working trend, with job postings and remote work searches remaining popular even after the pandemic subsides.

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