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Bank Pekao focuses, among others, on to help Polish bison. Since 2004, he has been taking care of the protection of these animals, by supporting relevant institutions and allocating funds to co-finance protection. Leroy Merlin’s idea is to locate bee hives near shops, as well as fight against smog (inclusion in the  campaign). Other CSR activities carrie out by companies operating on the Polish market include: Grupa Agora and its program “Helios without barriers!” – screenings of Polish films with subtitles, the “Polski MultiUczynek” program by Benefit Systems – helping children and youth in a difficult life situation.

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Seniors and people with disabilities, the “Chemical Substances Management Policy” document and the list of restricte substances introduce by the CCC, Senior Forum organize by the Enea Group – talks about safety, new technologies, health with database seniors. Are you looking for a way to improve your company’s image? We will find the best solution for you. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you CSR areas A popular document regulating the guidelines of corporate social responsibility is the ISO 26000 standard.


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Activity that should be taken into account when creating a CSR strategy. We will include: organizational governance, human rights, work practices, pro-ecological activities, fair operating practices, consumer issues, activities for the benefit of the local KHB Directory community. Organizational governance includes all codes, CSR strategies as well as mechanisms and policies that allow for efficient management of the entire process of corporate social responsibility. The scope of the organizational governance area also includes dialogue with groups on which a given company has influence. The second area is all issues relate to respect for human rights.

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