Solutions receives woman owned business certification

Key media solutions has recently been certified as a woman owned small business (wosb) by the national women business owners corporation (nwboc), a u.S. Small business association (sba)-approved third-party certifier. Wosb certification means that a woman (or women) owns at least 51 percent of a business entity.

In addition to ownership, a woman must also Solutions receives woman  have control of the business. In legal terms, this is much less clear than ownership, but it means that a woman makes all of the final decisions for the business. This includes making calls about finances, production and contacting or delegating that responsibility to a co-owner or manager.

Business owners pursue woman owned certification because it

Adds credibility to their company, as well as being part of their business development strategy.”

Woman-owned businesses generally choose to get certified for the following reasons:

Public sector contracts – local, state and federal government entities have. Established programs that encourage working with woman-owned Solutions receives. Woman  businesses and vendors. Certification is necessary so that these government biz list agencies have confidence that a woman-owned business is actually owned by a woman.
Private sector business – publicly owned companies as well as organizations like regional tourism boards often pursue deals with wosb-certified businesses.
Wosb certification is recommended for any woman-owned small business that is interested in working with government agencies or private corporations.

Key media solutions an internet marketing firm

entities to increase their internet presence.
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