Tablet shipments slowing down What does that mean for marketers

An increasing number of people have all but abandoned their desktop computers in favor of tablets. Users can engage in all of their favorite activities like checking email, browsing social media sites and watching videos without the hassle of dealing Tablet shipments slowing  with a large computer. Marketers and advertisers are spending much more of their effort and resources reaching out to this growing group of individuals.

According to data from the international data corporation’s (idc’s) worldwide quarterly tablet tracker, we may be reaching a point where everyone who wants a tablet has one. The idc’s data show that the number of tablets shipped grew between the third and fourth quarters of 2013. Compared to that period in 2012, however, the change was not that significant.

In a press release tom mainelli

Idc’s research director of tablets, said that within the united states the tablet market may be oversaturated. In emerging economies, however, mainelli said that he expects tablet sales to continue to be strong.

“We expect commercial purchases of tablets to continue to accelerate in mature markets,” mainelli said in the press release. “But softness in the consumer segment – brought about by high penetration rates and increased competition for the consumer dollar – point to a more challenging environment for tablets in 2014 and beyond.”

So should small businesses throw in phone lists the towel Tablet shipments slowing  when it comes to marketing? Of course not. Tablet users love their devices, and marketers would be wise to incorporate the habits of these individuals into their targeted internet marketing strategy. By partnering with keymedia solutions, small businesses can reach their targeted audience and stay ahead of their competitors.
Affluent consumers are twice as likely to access the internet at least once an hour than middle-income users.

Mobile devices are the preferred medium for reading

News-related content for higher-earning consumers
Over half of top income earners use their smartphone for business purposes, compared to 40 percent of the general population.
Another notable finding that was similar KHB Directory for Tablet shipments slowing  both groups was their opinion about the importance of companies having a presence in the mobile sphere. They agreed that if a brand wants to seem contemporary and relevant, it needs to reach its audience through mobile.

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