The best mobile ads are relevant and creative

Just like in other forms of marketing, consumers prefer mobile advertising. That is creative and relevant to their needs, states a new study from. Pwc (the firm formerly known as pricewaterhousecoopers). According to the group’s latest. Global entertainment and media outlook report, marketers need. To consider a mobile-focused strategy that delivers interesting content that resonates with viewers.

“The evolving frontier of mobile The best mobile ads  advertising requires advertisers and marketers. To quickly learn how to leverage the medium within the boundaries. Of consumers’ willingness and attitudes towards receiving mobile ads,” the report summary. States, citing evidence from recent surveys about the mobile habits of consumers.

One interesting finding from the study involved the type of content that mobile device users preferred to see. Mobile banner advertising and coupons had the most appeal.

To become more competitive in

The mobile marketing sphere, pwc recommended that businesses do the following:

Develop a mobile-first strategy – the number of consumers who use smartphones and tablets is only expected to increase in the coming years. Mobile product offerings should be just as well-designed as the desktop alternatives that have been phonelist The best mobile ads  used for years.
Encourage sharing, but remember privacy concerns – potential customers will be more willing to share relevant information with you if they can be sure that you will respect their privacy.
Understand how consumers use their devices – for many people, a smartphone does not serve the same purpose as a tablet. Study market trends to learn how to best engage your target audience on their preferred devices.
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Calls to action should stand out on a page

But not interfere with the readability of the copy. Another important aspect to consider is size. While you don’t want an element to be almost invisible, a call to action that takes over the whole page is not useful either.
Language – your call to action copy should be clear, relevant and easy for your viewers to identify with. Include powerful action words that provide KHB Directory The best mobile ads  obvious directions to the reader of what must be done. Try to avoid using industry jargon or hard-to-understand internal terminology, as this can be distracting and pollute your message.
Placement – if your call to action is located in the wrong place on a page, your great copy and design work may go to waste. If you have multiple calls on a page, place the most important one in a prominent location, preferably above the fold.
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