Why it’s not yet time to say goodbye to email marketing

In the digital marketing world, we’re constantly thinking about what’s the next big thing? What is the new, most effective way to reach our targeted Why it’s not yet audience? Although business owners must stay abreast of new trends, that doesn’t mean that they have to abandon old methods that continue to be successful. Targeted email is one form of marketing that, if done correctly, continues to be effective for many small businesses.

Sometimes email seems like a thing of the past

News reports make it seem as if email is dying, mainly due to the fact that many teenagers use texting and chatting applications as their main form of written communication. Despite this trend, the number of email users in the united states is actually increasing. According to an emarketer report, the number of american email users will exceed 240 million by 2017. Globally, there may be up to 2.8 billion users by 2017.

Email marketing is successful, but you telephone list Why it’s not yet  shouldn’t be stuck in an early-2000s mindset. The following tips will keep email campaigns successful in the digital marketing campaign:

Don’t forget mobile – more and more people check their email on smartphones and tablets. Messages that you send should always be optimized for mobile devices.
Pick the right time – you should be using analytic tools to figure out the times when your messages are most commonly opened. You should be connecting with your client base on the days and times when they seem most engaged.

Stay relevant  this rule is especially important in 2014

Individuals are receiving information from all directions. If your relevance isn’t quickly obvious to a potential customer, they will quickly move on to the next email.
Businesses interested in increasing KHB Directory their Why it’s not yet  online presence with local online marketing would be wise to partner with key media solutions.
87 percent of u.S. Internet users watched at least one online video
Ads accounted for 36 percent of all videos viewed, but 4.4 percent of all minutes spent watching online video
The average online video lasted 4.7 minutes, while the average ad was 0.4 minutes.

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