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The audit of competition activities also allows us to determine their strengths and weaknesses. As a result, we have full information about the communication channels use, regularity in action, or special campaigns conducte by the competition. SEO audit SEO audit includes website analysis in order to better position services on the web. The purpose of the audit is primarily to detect and eliminate errors on the website and to diagnose those areas that slow it down or make it difficult for it to achieve better positions in the search engine.

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SEO is also a chance to identify areas that nee to be improve and a useful tool in choosing the right positioning strategy. Image audit Image audit is an independent assessment of the brand image carrie out by experts from Commplace. It should phone number list cover 2 areas: internal branding (your brand values, internal materials) and external branding (assessment of visual materials, opinions about the company, presence in the meia, communication method). Preparation of a coherent and comprehensive communication strategy A communication strategy is designe to help your brand communicate effectively and proactively to achieve your core business goals.

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Choosing the right meia To be heard, not just heard, you nee to speak to the right audience. Our task is to select profile meia that will allow you to reach potential recipients. Your brand with your message. Communication with the meia Positive KHB Directory relations with journalists are a great treasure. A treasure to be care for. Regular shipments, telephone calls or inquiries about the demand for materials. Are just some of the activities we carry out in this area. Content positioning Our team includes SEO experts whose work methodology focuses on increasing organic.  Traffic from search engines and developing strategic keywords.

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