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Small business owners know that mobile needs to be included in their marketing strategy, but the question is how to do it effectively. Although mobile device usage is increasing among almost all population groups in the united states, an emarketer study. Looking for a new has found that one demographic in particular is using smartphones and tablets at significantly higher rates: parents of children under 18.

According to the research group’s november 2013 survey, 57 percent of all american internet users owned a smartphone, but among parents the number was 74 percent. The group with the highest mobile device usage is among parents with kids age three to five, as 84 percent of them had either a smartphone or tablet.

The emarketer poll also asked users about

Their smartphone activities and while parents and non-parents. Called and texted about the same amount, that was where the similarities. Stopped. Individuals with children were found to be more likely to use email and social media, play games.  Looking for a new  And shop on their smartphones than non-parents. Interestingly, parents are more. Likely to take photos with devices, but both groups share pictures across social media at similar rates.

Small businesses that offer products telephone list biz and services to meet. The needs of individuals with children at home should consider mobile. Marketing tactics. The parenting community may be receptive to advertising and communication. From companies that understand that they are busy and desire convenience.

Business owners interested in staying up to date with. Marketing trends should consider partnering with a mobile ad agency like key media solutions.

We watch them at work at home and when we're standing in line

At the grocery store. Online videos efficiently provide entertainment and information, and our love for them continues to grow. According to a KHB Directory may 2013 cisco study, video will account for over two-thirds of all consumer internet traffic by 2017.

Although we often associate online video Looking for a new  marketing with large companies and big budgets, small businesses should consider adding video to their strategy, according to british marketer chris trimble. In a column in the u.K.’s guardian newspaper, trimble, director of content at axonn media, argues that small businesses offer simple and engaging content that is easy for consumers to digest.

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