Mobile only email viewership on the rise

If email communication is a major part of your marketing strategy, then it’s imperative that you have these messages optimized for mobile devices. The number of individuals using smartphones and tablets seems to be increasing daily, and advertisers need to reach them through this medium. According to a new emarkerter report, 55 percent of all email is now opened on mobile devices. The research group also found that fewer people are checking their email on desktop computers.

“Hybrid viewership – checking emails Mobile only email  on both desktops and mobile devices – declined by nearly 40 percent quarter over quarter and 72 percent since q2 2013,” the report states. “As mobile-only viewership becomes the norm, marketers are recognizing the need to optimize emails for mobile.

As you can imagine the increased usage of smartphones and tablets

Has pushed the mobile email boom. Many marketers, however, may have recognized the need to pursue mobile email solutions, but few seem to be acting on it. In a poll conducted earlier this month by research firm ascend2, just 28 percent of marketing professionals said that their company was optimizing email for mobile devices.

Some analysts may say that phone number list email marketing is dying, but Mobile only email  the truth is that the number of email users around the world is growing. You don’t want to miss out on this group of potential customers because they couldn’t read your marketing emails on their devices.

By partnering with keymedia solutions, small businesses can pursue mobile advertising solutions that can increase their internet presence and put them in a more competitive position.

Design tips for successful banner ads

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It doesn’t take much to turn a forgettable banner ad into one that everyone wants to click on, but good design is essential. A recent KHB Directory article on allbusiness.Com polled a panel of design experts from the young entrepreneur council about their opinions on how to create successful ads.

Below are some of the most useful pieces of advice:

Do plenty of testing – without a trial run, it’s difficult for marketers to figure out what viewers like. As you are coming up with an ad idea, develop Mobile only email  multiple variations and test them in small trials.
Don’t be afraid of a “Click here” button – sometimes small business owners fear that they are selling their product too much. But the purpose of an ad is to sell, right? Sometimes it’s helpful for your audience to know that “Clicking here” is the next step of doing business with you.

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