Revamping your website in 2014 Don’t forget mobile

A common new year’s resolution for many small business owners is creating a new and improved website. There are many things to consider Revamping your website  when doing a website. Overhaul – seo, blogging and social media integration are just a few. But one of the most important factors to keep in mind, especially. In the age of smartphones and tablets, is optimizing websites for mobile devices.

In a blog post on business2community

“Websites render quite differently on mobile devices than on desktops,” keough wrote. “Everything is smaller and the user-friendliness of telemarketing list a site plummets. To undesirable bounce levels if it isn’t mobile optimized […] it certainly won’t offer the Revamping your website  ability to provide a full site experience to your growing mobile audience.”

So how do you become more mobile-friendly? Your first option would be to create a parallel, mobile version of your existing website. Although it’s an inexpensive choice, a big tradeoff is that major search engines may not be able to find it, especially if you are using a “.M” subdomain.

To stay competitive it's best that you rebuild your site

So that it can be displayed on any device. Responsive design creates a single version of a website that will auto-adjust to display properly on desktop and mobile devices. An alternative is adaptive design. This is commonly used by large corporations to identify a visitor’s device and then generate a page to match it.

By using the internet marketing service KHB Directory offered by. Revamping your website key media solutions, you can reach your targeted audience through the correct medium.
Mobile marketing is finding its way into many industries. By partnering with an internet marketing firm such as key media solutions, small businesses can stay a step ahead of their competitors by reaching their targeted audience more effectively.

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