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On the other hand, 67% of respondents age 18-34 would be willing to give up cooperation if there was a gender imbalance in the management of the company. In the 35-44 and 45-54 age groups, this indicator was 58%, for the 55-64 group – 39%, and for the 65+ group – 35%. Glassdoor reviews of companies offering DEI programs – benefits such as employee resource groups, diversity training and mentoring programs – have increase in 2020 and 2021 in the US, Canada and UK as social justice and equality issues have been place on the agenda spotlight. In turn, data from the first three quarters of 2022 show that the upward trend continue only in Canada – in the Unite States.

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Great Britain the number of companies offering DEI programs is no longer growing at the previous pace. For employers, this reuction in DEI initiatives can negatively impact. Nearly two-thirds (62%) of employees surveye said they would consider C Level Executive List turning down a job offer if they believe their manager (or potential manager) did not support the DEI initiative. Among black respondents, the figure was 80%. Nearly three-quarters (74%) of US employees surveye say the company’s investments in diversity, fairness and inclusion are “very important” or “important” to them when considering a new job.

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This is even more true for women (76%), Hispanics (77%), Black workers (79%), parents (80%) and Asian, American and Pacific Island workers (82%). The workforce of the future will place great value on diversity initiatives, and employers will use in a KHB Directory competitive job market. It’s not only good for employees – it’s also good for business and society.8 principles of data storytelling that will be useful to you at work How to talk about data so the right business decisions base on numbers? blog-cover-data-storytelling-journalist Our world is full of numbers.

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