United States second highest spender when it comes to digital ads

Targeted internet marketing and other digital initiatives designed to focus. On the consumer continue to result in hefty amounts of investment, according. To a study recently published by emarketer. Maybe this isn’t surprising, but the amount United States second  spent. To develop these kinds of programs also suggests an interest in mobile when coupled with other information we’ve seen.

In this “Top ten” of countries that spend on digital ads, the united states rests at second place with $201 spent on advertising for every person who encounters one of these ads through the internet. The top spot is occupied by norway at $209. The lowest is germany, one of only two countries on this list to spend fewer than $100 per person in this area.

Other information published by emarketer suggests

That global investment in mobile ads will make up more than 36 percent. Of the digital total four years from now, a growth rate that can encourage b2b phone lists companies. Still looking to expand within this time frame. This advertising channel is expected United States second  to be more. Than a quarter of the digital expenditure rate by next year alone. For north america. The release on the report also states that, at least for north america. And western europe, “A greater share of all digital dollars will go toward mobile each year.”

Local online marketing for mobile should know that while the competition. Is likely growing, the importance of this area as part of the greater push. Of digital marketing is asserting itself more visibly. Key media solutions will work. With interested small businesses to come up with online marketing campaigns. That will connect them with customers in their target demographic.

It might seem counterproductive to count on mobile

Skipping your video ads. After all, if they do, it seems like the brunt of your message is getting lost. But a recent story from business insider detailing KHB Directory omments from. United States second a google official might help your company think about this aspect of video advertising differently.

According to this story, google’s neal mohan reframed the argument to include the viewer’s habit of skipping ads as a means to reaching them more, not assuming that this is an automatic death sentence for a brand’s targeted online advertising initiative.

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